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Can I adjust the screen to stop automatically where I want, if is so how do I do it?
Yes, the down stop of the screen can be adjusted so that the top black border measures between 0 to 50cm. On the underside of the screen, next to the control box wire, there are 2 hex key sockets in yellow. Turn the hex key clockwise approx, ten turns and bring the screen down, the screen will stop in a higher position. Further clockwise turns will stop screen in higher up, anticlockwise turns will do the opposite.


Are your screens suitable for 3D?
Yes, they have been tested with a large range of 3D projectors with excellent results.


What size of screen should I go for?
The size of screen is determined by the distance you are sitting from it but you should also make sure your projector will fill the screen from where you are able to mount it. As a rule of thumb choose a screen just under half the width of the sitting distance. If you are sitting around 12-14ft away use a 7ft screen.


Do I need grey screen material?
Grey material is designed to increase the contrast of home cinema projectors when the average contrast was around 2000:1, the down side was that the grey material altered the colour balance. Home cinema projectors now have a much higher contrast ratio so grey screens have become less popular with people favouring better colour reproduction on a matte white material.


What is the gain?
The gain is the reflectivity of the screen, meaning how much light the screen reflects from the projector back at the audience. High gain screens typically 1.3 and above make the picture much brighter but reduce the contrast and viewing angle. These screens are mostly used in conference centres for presenting to large audiences. Cinema screens have a low gain of 1-1.2, this keeps contrast levels.

Main difference between our screen surfaces?

Matt White
Matt white vinyl reflective surface diffuses projected light in all directions, so image can be seen from any angle. MW provides accurate colour rendition as well as superior clarity. Recommended for use with all high light output projection devices, watching TV and / or sport. Better in a low ambient light environment. Best of our three surfaces for 3D projection

Gain = 1.1

Glass Bead
Spherical glass beads embedded in surface provide more reflection giving a brighter image compared to matt white. This brighter image is limited to a smaller viewing angle than matt white. Glass Bead screens will slightly alter the purity of the colours displayed, and will have 'sweet spots' where the picture is at its premium. The picture at other viewing angles can appear slightly darker (yet still lighter than a MW screen).

Gain = 2.5

Matt Grey
High-contrast Matt Grey, similar to Matt White, but with a darker surface designed to enhance the blacks of the projected images, even as whites and lighter colours are maintained. Performs well in ambient light condition. With a lower power projector the whites are not quite as bright as with other surface greys, but dark tone appear much darker. Good for watching films.

Gain = 0.8


More FAQ's

If I hide the screen with a pelmet will the screen still work?
Our screens are all Radio Frequency so unlike infra read, you don’t need to point the controller at the screen to make it work.

I'm afraid we would be unable to collect and deliver at the same time, but if you are in need of the new screen quickly, you can always purchase the replacement and once you have received it and are happy with it, return the original for a refund. Otherwise, you would need to return the original and once we have processed the return; we can then dispatch the replacement.

Can you send screens out of the UK?
Yes we can, unfortunately the costs are extremely high due to the lengths, please contact us for a shipping quote to your location via email.

What courier do you use to send screens?
We use a company called Dx Night freight.

My screen has creases in it, what do I do?
In the unlikely event your screen has creases. - Creases in the material are perfectly normal, as the screen has been in transit and stored for at least 4 months, possibly longer. If the screen is left down for the first week, as stated in the manual, the creases should fall out. If after this period there are still a few creases, they should disappear with time and use, so it usually gets better.

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