84″ Tri-pod Projection Screen 16:9 grey


84″ Tri-pod Projection Screen 16:9 grey

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High-contrast matt grey, similar to matt white, but with a darker surface designed to enhance the blacks of the projected images, even as whites and lighter colours are maintained. Performs well in ambient light condition. With a lower powered projector, the whites are not quite as bright as with other surface greys, but dark tones appear much darker.


Aspect Ratio: 4:3
View-able Area Dimensions (approx.):
   Diagonal: 84″ (213cm)
   Height: 105m
   Width: 186cm
Surrounding Black Boarder Dimensions (approx.):
   Upper: 4cm
   Lower: 30cm
   Left & Right: 4cm
Top Bar Height Dimension (approx.):
   Max: 260cm
   Min: 190cm
Cassette Height Dimension (approx.):
   Max: 110cm
   Min: 50cm
Cassette Dimensions (approx.):
   Length: 200cm
   Height: 9cm
   Depth: 8.5 cm
Screen surface: Grey
Gain: 0.8
Bottom and top height adjustable
Wide tri-pod base for stability
Metal frame and cassette
Strong carry handle
Built in tensioning mechanism to keep material taut
Easy to assemble and dismantle
Protected by styrofoam packing

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Weight 9674 g



Tri-Pod Screens Grey


Tri-Pod Screens Grey 16:9


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